The  'I am an Official Baby Watcher Helper' T-shirts   




Above: An extension to the concept are 'The  am an Official Baby Watcher Helpers' T-shirts - are designed for the family, but especially for children to have wear and have fun they help the character with his duty of watching over their younger sibling's well-being. Go to see and read more on these fun items. 

The family will wear the shirts proudly as they support the character on the street serving to get others on the character's bandwagon. 

Meanwhile the children can have fun being a part of something important and positive. The T-shirts are also a fun, NEW and Positive way to build team spirit.

"The OBW Helper's" T-shirts allow kids and family members to be a part of "The OBW Helpers Team", and have fun helping the character perform his duty: to watch  over small children and babies. This serves to make his "Fanciful" Purpose and Mission a warm "Reality".

We also believe that The Liíl Baby Watcher character could even be a small-step in helping to ease sibling rivalry.

Shirts will be handed out at the readings.

Shirts come in a variety of sizes for adults and children.

Wholesale price: $5.75; Suggested Retail: $13. 95

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