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You see, Wob, has not always been a debonair and smart looking like you see above. 

Once he was a peculiar looking, mussy lonely misfit like you see below, where he  sat on a high shelf in the baby?s room collecting dust. And because of being on the high shelf, he was out of sight and out of mind, so the family never noticed him. 

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And, even though Wob was in the baby?s room he was not a toy the baby could play with. He was just a peculiar funny looking li?l guy with a big round head, a funny face, big ears, big round eyes and a big nose too. He had short-short legs and BIG funny boots. And instead of holding a rifle over his shoulder like a soldier, he resembled somewhat; he held a harmless candy cane stick with lollipops on top. 

And, because of his funny looks and being dusty - the toys thought he was a funny sight and laughed at him. 

But, despite Wob?s peculiarities, he was a smart little guy, and he also had feelings. And as he watched the toys down on the floor, he noticed they each had families they belonged to: The stuffed toy monkey with the bright red cap belonged to the monkey family. The small gray elephant with the long ,colorful rings around his trunk belonged to the elephant family. And the teddy bear with the forest- green ranger hat, of course, belonged to the bear family, and so on. But Wob didn?t have a family, and this made him feel sad and lonely. 


Wob, considered the toys very special. ?If I were a toy, I could play with the baby and make him happy too?, he thought. But sadly, Wob was not a toy...Wob?s biggest wish in life was to be a part of the baby?s life and be a part of the family.






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