Below are some reasons I believe, assures the character and concept’s success for all concerned: 

THE MARKET VEHICLE: The storybook which is based on the character, serves as the initial market vehicle to introduce the dolls to the family. Being how the novelty, character is for newborns and small babies, the ancillary products are designed to attract family members into the concept for a wide open market. The character is presented to the market via the primary item a child-safe, playable, plush doll that doubles as decorative, wall-hanging for the baby’s room.  The idea is that when the baby is not playing with the doll – it is designed to hang on the wall where it performs its fanciful duty – to watch over the baby – hence the name – “The Li’l Baby Watcher”. Furthermore – the “fanciful” character has a “Real” Purpose and Mission – “to rally and unite families/children for the purpose of watching over babies’ and small children’s wellbeing.”

MULTICULTURAL: The dolls are available in assorted face and hair color combinations that reflect our multicultural world/society - making them easily adaptable into any nationality - for universal family appeal and a worldwide market (see Dolls).  Also, the Trade Name (TM), along with the Concept easily translates into any language - allowing it to cross borders and cultures without losing the original idea and having to rework the concept. This leads to worldwide adaptation and marketing possibilities.

PERENNIAL SELLERS: Also, consider that unlike other doll and toys that sell during the holiday season, the OBW is designed to be a perennial seller - as it coincides with the perpetual newborn market. They are destined to become wonderful keepsakes that can be passed-on through generations. So as long as there are babies being born the OBW will be there for them.

NON-GENDER SPECIFIC: Also the plush dolls/characters are not gender specific - therefore are equally suitable for both – small boy and girl babies of any nationality, for an extremely broad market. Imagine the possibilities!

THE PRINCIPLE ITEM is a baby gift item, a soft plush doll, based on the character and story - that double as a decorative wall hanging. The concept involves other gift items that revolve around the character and concept and are designed for the family and older siblings. These special, gift items are expected to pull on the families heartstrings and emotions - to evoke and strong buy-me response from doting grandparents, parents and general family members and friends of babies and small children.  After this there are other ancillary products designed to inspire involvement from the general family to rally behind the character.

WARM, THOUGHTFUL BABY GIFT: When the OBW doll is shared with a small family member or friend - it is an extension of the givers “respect and love” for the child. They make wonderful, meaningful, loving, caring -“Gifts from the Heart” that say, one, cares.

ON THE COMPETITION: Even though there is significant competition from other insignificant, cute plush characters, there is no other character like The Li'l Baby Watcher - he has a very specific Purpose and Mission that no other character can claim. This will allow it to stand out and ahead of its competition (generic and purposeless plush dolls, novelty items and toys). We believe today’s discerning families, who expect more from children’s character will see The OBW’s true value and will warmly embrace the character, especially children.”

LONG TERM, CLASSIC-PROPERTY POTENTIAL: Conclusively, the character and concept contain broad, long-term factors that will allow it to become a classic property like: Mickey Mouse, Strawberry Short Cake, Pinocchio, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Barbie. It will exist in perpetuity - because as long as there are babies being born - our li’l character will be there. It is expected to play a part of every newborn baby, and preschooler, and become highly collectible, artistic keepsake – serving to assure the character's long-term success! The plush dolls will become keepsakes that will be passed on through generations.    

ARTISTIC & REDEEMMING SOCIAL VALUE: The OBW is a positive, nonviolent, non-mushy character, and unlike many of the insignificant toys and characters currently on the market today. The character has a lot of goodness to offer families.  The OBW is a positive, non-violent, non-mushy character. We believe today’s discerning families, who expect more from children’s character will see the OBW’s true value true value, especially for children,  and will warmly embrace the character. And unlike many of the insignificant toys and characters currently on the market today - he is a positive, special little character - with redeeming social- value. 

CONCLUSION: “In conclusion, I believe that as an artist that as an artist - I have created my best, life’s work, my ultimate piece of art in 'The Li’l Baby Watcher' concept/character", artist, Ray Gatica,  “Because of this, I envision that in the future, the concept will take on a life of its own in the art-world”.


You can see the product line as it currently stands at the following link: http://thelilbabywatcher.net/Licensing%20MArketing%20EBrochure.htm. We will seek to expand it through licensing.

Other licensable characters based on the original OBW design: http://thelilbabywatcher.net/LicensingInfo13.htm.

You can get more of the concept by visiting the various links at the character’s site: www.TheLilBabyWatcher.net.