The Products based on "The Official Baby Watcher" Concept and Character

The two Primary gift items based on the Character and Concept are 
  "The Official Baby Watcher" Storybook
Plush Dolls
that double as a colorful, decorative Wall Hangings  and 

There are also some Ancillary products like the 
'The  am an Official Baby Watcher Helpers' T-shirts 
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Above:  "The Li'l Baby Watcher" Plushdoll/Wall-hanging The character manifests itself in a 13” tall, playable, child safe, Plush Doll that doubles as a colorful, decorative Wall-Hanging for the baby's room. They are available in assorted face and hair color combinations serving to make them unique multicultural gift items for baby boys and girls of all nationalities. Although they look similar each has their own unique look  and personality.

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The dolls come in 4-assorted face and hair color combinations making them Multicultural - The perfect gift for baby boys and girls of all nationalities! 

 These precious dolls are expected to become the first baby gifts from doting parents, grandparents and other family members and friends of babies and small children. The dolls will be an extension of their love and caring for the child - making it the ultimate ‘Gift from the Heart.

The idea is that when the child is not playing with the doll it gets hung up on the wall where it serves as a decorative wall-hanging where he performs its official duty of being a Baby Watcher.










Above: "The Official Baby Watcher" Storybook, Through the book, the family will discover how this peculiar looking little guy, whose ‘Great Love’, for the baby in our story, allows him  to overcome his fears and self-doubt - to save the baby from imminent danger and become a super li’l hero-of-a-different-sort.
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