Artist, Ray Gatica, believes his conceptual artistic character has a lot to offer children and the family. The artist sees the character as a fanciful baby watchman the artist with real purpose and mission and wishes to share story with families because he believes that through the character’s story and concept can be used as a small tool to ease sibling rivalry by inspiring the children to team up behind the character into watching over their younger siblings well being. This serves to make its ‘fanciful’ mission a ‘warm reality’.

 The artist invites parents to download the story, with colorful illustrations from the character’s website to read to their young children.

Through the story, the children will discover how this lonely, seemingly unimportant little misfit character named, Wob (rhymes with Bob) so loved the baby in the story that with help of his little voice from within”, he found the courage to overcome his fears and self doubt, to save the baby from imminent danger – to earn the title – The Official Baby Watcher”. At the end he becomes a special hero of a different sort. See excerpts below:

Story Excerpt with Epilogue below: After all the excitement was over, mother and father walked over to the high shelf and said, “Thank You” to Wob. They realized that this little character that no one had ever paid attention to - had saved their baby from harm.   Father then said, “you know he sure was very brave for a little guy, and the way he is standing and saluting he looks quite official - lets call him “The Official Baby Watcher.”  Father, then reached for Wob and picked him off the high shelf and set him closer to the baby’s bed. Mother then gave Wob a big kiss on the cheek. Wob turned red and blushed. 

Even though, it was new to Wob, he liked the feeling of father’s warm, gentle hands and Mommy’s tender kiss. It all felt so nice to Wob - he felt a warm glow inside...

EPILOGUE: Now Mommy, Daddy, Brother and Sister have formed “The Official Baby Watcher Helper’s Team” in their home - to help Wob watch over the baby at all times. They now realize what a big job being a Baby Watcher really is.

A Few Words from the Artist:  “There should be no mystery behind the Official Baby Watcher, he is simply, a reflection of my caring for small children. I created the original Baby Watcher, a few years ago, as a thoughtful gift for a friend’s newborn baby because ‘I wanted to give the baby a special, meaningful gift, something significant, with a purpose. ‘I thought - the greatest thing I could give a child would be their very own personal guardian that would watch over them forever.’ From this thought, the OBW character was born. The character is a fanciful little baby watchman, a guardian that watches over small children and babies, “in a fanciful way of course”.   During the past few years, I have shared these lovable keepsakes with nephews, nieces and friend’s children. Now, through these unique dolls - the whole world, too, can share the same loving, caring sentiments with their small family members, new family additions and friend’s children. Artist, Ray Gatica

The story is non-violent, positive inspirational reading for ages 3 on up. But adults will also get sentimental and teary eyed because ultimately the story is for the little misfit in all of us, and for us who feel like we don’t belong, sometimes.

The original, whimsical design was a two-dimensional airbrush rendering of my idea of what a baby watchman would look like if he were real: a wholesome, debonair, physically fit and strong character. After the initial rendering he transformed the   rendering into 21 inch, three dimensional foam sculptor. After that I had a lady, a doll maker and seamstress make and sew the uniform on to the character, from my design. He is a misfit of sorts, a cross between a funny looking clown and a dashing, li’l soldier but is neither. Overall, he is a healthy, wholesome looking character by design.

He is a sight to behold, he is a little peculiar, funny looking character with a large head with big eyes, big ears and short-short legs and he stands on two huge clumsy looking boots. The idea is that it is these peculiarities, big ears and eyes he allow him to see and hear everything in the baby’s room. And his strong arms and barrel-chest and short legs and BIG feet, allow him to stand tirelessly and dutifully while he perform his sentinel duties - as he watches over the baby’s room hence his name -The Li’l Baby Watcher.  However, these peculiarities are what make him special and allow him to be whom he is.

 A few months later, after creating the character, I sat down to write - to describe him. This lead to writing The Official Baby Watcher story which describes the character as a lonely and seemingly unimportant, insignificant misfit of sorts, a peculiar, disheveled character named Wob (rhymes with Bob). And even though he was in the baby’s room, he was not a toy that the baby could play with he sat up on a high shelf - seemingly without any purpose or reason.  This made him feel lonely and all alone. But despite his peculiarities, he was a smart li’l guy with feelings and he loved the baby in the story. His biggest wish in life was to someday be a part of the baby’s life, a part of the family.

Because of his peculiarities and lack of purpose he felt like he didn’t belong anywhere and goes through a time of emotional conflict, loneliness, fear and doubt. But, then a day comes when he has to overcome all that, and be strong, to save the baby from imminent danger and harm. Ultimately, with the help of his “Little Voice from Within”, he overcomes his fears and self doubt and goes through a magical transformation that allows him to prove his “great love” for the baby.

 The story has a happy ending, as the family finally notices him and realizes how special he is and designate him “The Official Baby Watcher.”  In the end he gets placed close to the baby’s bed. And because of his magical transformation, he is now a dashing, debonair hero and happy little someone - no matter how peculiar! And the toys that once laughed at him because of his peculiar looks, now like him and accepted him just the way he is.

 Making him a Reality: To make his dreams come true, the artist has taken the steps to fulfill the character’s ultimate wish and has made him a playable, plush toy that doubles as a decorative wall hanging. “They make the ultimate baby gift – a gift from the heart”, says the artist. The dolls are available in assorted hair color combinations so that they can be shared with families of any nationality.

 “I believe that as an artist, I have created my best, life’s work, my ultimate piece of art, in ‘The Li’l Baby Watcher’ concept/character,” says the artist.

 Parents can see the original character drawings (created in 1986), sculptor and dolls and, down load a free copy of the story along with accompanying colorful illustrations at There they can also see a couple of other characters, Officer WuvChild, and Dr. Pedi Wuvchild, which are a spinoffs of the original sculptor. The artist created all the illustrations in Photoshop.

To  schedule a reading for you school, church library please contact us a through the following: Ray Gatica, 281- 441-9714; email,  Website:



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Fanciful” Children’s Character has “Real” Purpose and Mission
Artist Believes Character May Be Tool To Minimize Sibling Rivalry

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Contact: Ray Gatica                     281-441-9714                                                               April 30, 2011

                                                   Story Reading of The Li'l Baby Watcher