Purpose and Mission 
The Official Baby Watcher ô
A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman with a "Real" Purpose and Mission ô

                     NOTE: The Official Baby Watcherô, The OBW, The Lil Baby Watcher and "The Baby Watcher'ô
are one and the same. The trade names are used interchangeably by the artist







On the Characterís Warm PURPOSE & MISSION:

The Liíl Baby Watcher" characterís Purpose and Mission is to watch over babies and small children (in a fanciful way, of course). BUT, we believe that through "The Official Baby Watcher" story, on which the character is based, will inspire the older children to become " Liíl Baby Watchers Helpers"  to become extensions of the character to help it watch over their little baby brothers' and sister's well-being. This serves to  make the characterís "Fanciful" Mission become a warm "Reality".

We believe the Liíl Baby Watcher character is a positive, wholesome character with a lot of wholesome goodness to offer children and the whole family...He is a special little character with 'redeeming social value' - that will give back to society in many ways.

The OBW is for discerning families who demand more from a children's character,  because he is a wholesome, positive character with social redeeming value. Never has there been a character like The Li'l Baby Watcher!

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Above: An extension to the concept are 'The  am an Official Baby Watcher Helpers' T-shirts. They are designed for the family, but especially for children, to wear and have fun as they help the character with his duty of watching over their younger sibling's well-being. Go to see and read more on these fun items.