OUR  VISION is that families, will accept it as a simply as wholesome little character with a lot to offer the family but especially the children. ANd that they will have fun teaming up behind the character and story to take care of their little baby brother's and sister's well being serving to make its "Fanciful" mission a warm "Reality"... 

And, because the story and Trademark can be translated into just about any language without losing its context or having to rework the idea - we see the character’s wholesome mission going world-wide into other countries and cultures where the character will continue to spread its warm Purpose and Mission and do good for families everywhere. 

And, as long as there are babies being born, the character and concept will always be there for them and continue to be apropos and suitable.  


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Read on this original sculpture and how it has led to the design of the plush dolls today.

The Official Baby Watcher (The O.B.W.™)
A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman Character with a "Real" Purpose and Mission