Poster.jpg (366492 bytes)The above airbrush rendering  was the basis for the 3-D prototype sculpture below.

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The above sculpture was the basis for the plush dolls below. 
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MORE: The Official Baby Watcher character's Art/Concept Abstract:  2017

NOTE: The Official Baby Watcher™, The OBW™; and The Lil Baby Watcher™, are all one and same; The trade names are used interchangeably by the author/artist.  

Some important links to read firstly is “A Few Words by the artist”; and, read the excerpt on ‘How it got its name’ and more.

A FEW WORDS FROM THE ARTIST “There should be no mystery behind the Official Baby Watcher; he is simply, a reflection of my caring for small children and all living things. I created the original Baby Watcher, a few years ago, as a thoughtful gift for a friend’s newborn baby because ‘I wanted to give the baby a special, meaningful gift, something significant and with a purpose. ‘I thought - the greatest thing I could give a child would be their very own personal guardian that would watch over them forever.’ From this thought, The OBW character was born.”  During the past few years, I have shared these lovable keepsakes with nephews, nieces and friend’s children",  Artist, Ray Gatica.  

“A few months after designing the character, I was compelled to describe him - this lead to writing the story behind the character” says Gatica. The story being shared today is the result of a few years of writing, rewriting and rewriting. The original gift was an 18 X 24” (tall) poster, a 2-dimensional airbrush rendering, of my idea of what a baby watchman would look like if he were real; after all, anyone who takes on the rigorous position of watching over a child has to be strong, alert, and of course, physically capable. See at top, right   If he were real, there would be no doubt of his ability to physically act as a bodyguard to successfully watch over the children, hence his name ‘The Li’l Baby Watcher’.  Overall, he is a strong debonair, healthy wholesome looking character, by design.  

STORY BRIEF: The story describes the character as a seemingly, lonely and seemingly unimportant, insignificant misfit of sorts, a peculiar, disheveled character named, Wob (rhymes with Bob), who sat alone up on a high shelf in the baby’s room for no apparent reason. And even though, he was in the baby’s room, he was not a toy that the baby could play with. A peculiar misfit - he had a big head, a funny face, big nose, ears and eyes, short-short legs and big gigantic boots; and, instead of holding a rifle over his shoulder, like the soldier he slightly resembled - he held a useless candy-cane stick with Lolli-pops on top. In the end, one day, with the help of his ‘Voice from Within’, he overcomes his fears and self-doubt and goes through a magical transformation that allows it to save the baby, in the story from looking imminent harm - to become a ‘little-hero-of-a-different-sort’.

  OBW -Tshirt frnt jpg.jpg (30981 bytes)The artist also created the color, story illustrations seen on the website in PhotoShop. 

EPILOGUE:  After mommy, daddy, brother and sister realize what a big job it is watching over the baby - they form “The Official Baby Watcher Helper’s” team” in their home to help Wob watch over their younger baby brothers’ and sisters. 

  INSPIRATION BEHIND THE OVERALL IDEA: Have you ever had a need to create something because you can't find anything like it anywhere in stores? This is how “The Li'l Baby Watcher” came to being. “I created the character a few years ago for a friend’s new born baby because I wanted to give the new baby a meaningful unique gift from the heart, something significant and with a purpose. I thought - the greatest thing I could give a child would be their very own personal guardian that would watch over them forever.” says artist, Ray Gatica.  


Being how "The OBW." was created by an artist, the concept may seem a bit abstract, but it shouldn’t be...I only want families to accept him at face value – simply as a novelty little watchman with a Positive Wholesome Purpose and Mission – to rally the whole family in a fun way, for watching over babies and small children” says Gatica.

 Overall he is a little peculiar, funny looking character with a large head with big eyes, big ears and short-short legs and he stands on two huge clumsy looking boots. And, even though he is a misfit of sorts, a cross between a funny looking clown and a dashing, little soldier - he is neither; and instead of holding a rifle like a soldier he vaguely resembles, he holds a useless candy-cane stick with lolli-pops on top. The idea is that is is his peculiarities that allow him to be what he is. Because with his BIG ears and BIG alert eyes allow him to see and hear everything in the baby’s room.  He has wide shoulders, a barrel chest and big arms and sturdy, short-short legs with BIG-BIG feet to hold him upright sternly.  Actually, he’s a funny and peculiar looking misfit, but non-the-less, he’s well-formed physically. 

  He is a positive, non-violent, non-mushy special character with redeeming social value that no other character can claim!  They make the ultimate 'caring gifts from the heart' for all small children. I expect a discerning public, who expect more from a children's character, will support the character and help in spreading his mission world-wide.

The Li'l Baby Watcher is a fanciful Lil Baby Watchman. Even though, it has been compared to a Guardian Angel, he is simply a Li'l Silent Sentinel ™ that watches over babies and small children lovingly and dutifully - in a fanciful way, of course. He is a positive, non-violent, non-mushy special character with redeeming social value that no other character can claim! “I believe it is one of the first children's character to have redeeming social value", says Gatica,

The OBW is for discerning families who expect more from a children's character because he is a wholesome, positive character with social redeeming value. There has never been a character like it. Even though The OBW character has been compared to the Guardian Angel, Gatica sees him simply as an artistic character, a silent little sentinel that ‘fancifully’ watches  over children.    

THE VISION is that families, but especially children, will team up behind the character and story to take care of their little baby brothers and sister’s well-being. And, because the story can be translated into other nationalities we see the character’s wholesome mission going world-wide into other countries. I would like families to share the story with children of all nationalities to help in spreading its wholesome, positive mission world-wide. 

Imagine a world of ‘Baby Watchers’, says the artist. And, as long as there are babies being born, the character and concept will be apropos.  

CONCLUSIVELLY: From and artistic point of view, “I feel that in ‘The Lil Baby Watcher’ character, I have created my ultimate, conceptual piece of art,” says Gatica. The concept includes, prose, poetry, literature, graphic design and illustrations.

We seek outlets where the story can be along with a slide-presentation of the story’s accompanying color illustrations.  

ARTREPRENEUR: (No it is not a misspelling; An 'artrepreneur' is an artist with a rogue, entrepreneurial spirit.) This will become more evident in a few years when we will be marketing and licensing the various products/facets of the overall OBW concept.

Gatica is the sole owner of the overall OBW property.

There is a lot more to the character and concept if you may be interested in doing a full length article. Please see the web site:; or email, or phone 281-441-9714.

The above plDolls413large.jpg (249862 bytes)ayable plush dolls that double as  decorative wall hangings make unique baby gifts. Read and see more. 


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"I am Official Baby Watcher Helper" T-shirts for the whole family to wear and have fun helping the character watch over their baby brothers and sister's. Read more