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The Official Baby Watcher ?
 Please contact us, or call 281-441-9714.
Contact: Ray Gatica


Artist Ray Gatica has a knack for conceptualizing art with relevant stories and/or poetry. A few years ago, upon not finding an appropriate gift for a friends newborn baby , and wanting a unique significant, gift with a purpose,  he conceived the Official Baby Watcher. Since then the original 2-dimensional airbrushed design on poster-board has been applied to other characters seen at right and below.

LICENSABLE: We foresee the original design of the OBW sculpture  and the other character designs seen here, lending themselves to a variety of licensing and promotional opportunities for baby products for example: baby monitors, and other electronics, night lights, lamps, lamp-shades, and baby and children?s apparel, clothing, T-shirts, Plush Dolls, bedding, and other decorative nursery items.

What started out as a two dimensional colorful illustration of the character, has been developed into a three dimensional playable soft plush doll that doubles as a decorative wall hanging for the baby's room. It is a unique baby gift. He also authored a story that describes the character's origin. The story is designed to inspire young children and the whole family into rallying behind the character in fun way for watching over their small baby brother or sisters.

The design of the original character (See Sculpture) described in the story is of a  little peculiar, funny looking character with a large head with big eyes, big ears and short-short legs two huge clumsy looking boots, strong arms and barrel-chest. The idea is that  It is these peculiarities that allow him to stand tirelessly and dutifully while he performs his sentinel duties - as he watches over the baby?s room hence his name -The Li?l Baby Watcher.  

The above design has been applied to two other characters, at right.>>

You can use your imagination as to where they can best be utilized for your company.


<<< Doctor Pedi Wuvchild
"Cares for his little patients"

With my big and 
eyes and ears
and handy-dandy stethoscope
I listen and hear
prod and poke,
as I  look for 
un-healthy signs. 
And, with a lot of patience
And the patient's stillness
I care and tend to my little patients to make
them well again.


 <<< Officier Wuvchild
A Child?s Best Friend"

With my big eyes and ears
I can see and hear
far and near.
And, with my short legs and Big-Big feet
I stand long
  tirelessly walk the beat, to watch for the safety of
small boys and girls on the street.

by Ray Gatica ? 2009\]


At right: : The OBW at top of page, in X-Mas garb, as a Christmas card for  celebrating the season
(Front and Rear views)

For Licensing information please contact us, or call 281-441-9714.

All images are copyrighted and are the property of Ray Gatica along with trademarks mentioned in this website.

Contact us
We can be reached by calling 281-441-9714,. or by emailing us at

Please direct all inquiries to Ray Gatica

Our Physical address is:
 15627 Old Humble Rd
Humble, TX 77396

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