The OBW Sculptor Description:

    You see, Wob, has not always been a debonair and smart looking like you see today. Once he was funny, dusty lonely misfit who sat on a high shelf, in the baby’s room collecting dust. And because of being on the high shelf (out of sight and out of mind) the family never noticed him. 
  And, even though Wob was in the baby’s room he was not a toy the baby could play with. He was just a peculiar funny looking li’l guy with a big round head, a funny face, big ears, big round eyes and a big nose too. He had short-short legs and BIG funny boots. And instead of holding a rifle over his shoulder like a soldier, he resembled somewhat; he held a harmless candy cane stick with lollipops on top. 

The sculptor on (the left, shown front and rear view) was sculpted by artist Ray Gatica. It is 30 " Tall; constructed of Styrofoam, gesso  and cloth. The  uniform was tailor made by doll seamstress Lillian Baksa of Waterbury CT. 

 The sculptor was a take off of an two-dimensional airbrush rendering and my idea of what a baby watchman would look like if he were real: a wholesome, physically fit and strong character. Overall he is a little peculiar, funny looking character with a large head with big eyes, big ears and short-short legs and he stands on two huge feet and clumsy looking boots.
Overall, he is a healthy, wholesome looking character by design..

Based on the story he is a misfit character with big eyes, big ears, and big nose and sturdy short-short legs with BIG funny feet. And even though he looks like a cross between a clown and soldier somewhat, he is neither. 

The idea is that his big ears and eyes allow him to see and hear everything in the baby’s room. And his strong arms and barrel-chest and short legs and BIG feet, allow him to stand tirelessly and dutifully while he perform his sentinel duties - as he watches over the baby’s room - hence his name -The Li’l Baby Watcher.  He is a misfit of sorts, a cross between a funny looking clown and a dashing, li’l soldier but is neither. However, these peculiarities are what make him special and allow him to be who he is. And to add to his peculiarity, instead of holding a rifle, like the soldier he vaguely resembles, he holds a useless candy-cane-stick with lollipops on top. 

 It is an original piece of art created by the character’s creator. This conceptual design was the model, for the plush dolls being marketed today.   The sculptor's design is available for licensing for baby lamps, night-lights and other potential, licensable characters based on the sculptor’s appearance. 

At this time there are two other licensable characters based on the sculptor's design: Officer Wuvchild”: A child’s best friend;  “Doctor Pedi Wuvchild”™: Cares for his little patients. See items below.  

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OBW sculptor front II.jpg (50150 bytes)

The OBW Sculptor (front view above)

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The OBW Sculptor (rear view below)


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The sculptor is not for sale .It remains in the artist's collection.


“Doctor Pedi Wuvchild”™: 
Cares for his little patients

With my big eyes and ears and handy-dandy stethoscope - I prod and poke as I look for signs of illness. 
I listen and hear, to give them hope. 
And with the patients stillness.
And with a lot of patience
 I care and tend to my little patients
to make them feel well again.

 © 2009, By Ray Gatica

Officer Wuvchild™ 
          A child’s best friend

With my big eyes and ears 
I can see far and near. 
And, with my short legs and Big-Big feet
I stand long and tirelessly as I walk the beat 
to watch for the safety 
of small boys and girls as they play
on our city streets.

 © 2009, By Ray Gatica



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