The Official Baby Watcher ô  
Dolls/Wall-Hangings  2016

The idea behind the behind these playable plush Dolls that double as
OBW march 2 jpg.JPG (45777 bytes) decorative Wall-Hangings for the baby's room  -
is that when the child is not playing with the doll - it gets hung up on  the wall where it serves as a decorative wall-hanging, while performing its "Fanciful", official, duty that of being a "The Baby Watcher". 

When given to a child it is caring gift that means one cares - 
Gift from the Heart.








NOTE: The above soft plush, playable Doll/Wallhangings are available in 4-face and hair-color combinations serving to make them multicultural - making them warm, caring Baby Gifts, for babies of all nationalities.

They are 15 inches tall, 2 inches in depth and weigh around 3 ounces.   


The design for the dolls below, was taken from the above original sculpture. Click on image to view larger.



Above: Rear view of the dolls

Each doll has a cloth loop on the back for hanging on the wall.

Doll wholesale price is $5.85 per unit. Suggested Retail price: $14.95.


NOTICE: All prices are subject to change with out notice





NOTE: The above dolls and sculptures represent the main character in the story whose name is Wob (Rymes with Rob).  He is a misfit of sorts, a cross between a funny looking clown and a soldier but, is neither. And instead of holding a rifle over his shoulder like a soldier, he resembles somewhat, he holds a harmless candy cane stick with lollipops on top.

However, it is his peculiarities that make him special and allow him to be who he is because with his big ears and big eyes allow him to see and hear everything in the babyís room. And his strong arms and barrel-chest and short-short  legs and BIG-BIG feet, allow him to stand tirelessly and dutifully while he perform his sentinel duty - as he watches over the babyís room - hence his name -The Liíl Baby Watcher.