A Few Words from the Artist/Creator:The Official Baby Watcher is simply a reflection of my caring for small children and all living things. I created the Baby Watcher, as a thoughtful gift for a friend’s newborn baby…At the time, “I wanted to give a special, meaningful gift, something significant, and with a purpose.  I thought - if I could give any one-thing to any child - it would be their very own personal guardian that would watch over the child’s well-being forever.  From this thought, The O.B.W. character was born.”   artist Ray Gatica.  

Now through these precious dolls everyone can share the artist's original warm intent with babies and small children everywhere.

The idea behind the dolls is that when the child is not playing with it, it gets hung up on the wall where it serves as a decorative wall-hanging while performing its official duty of being a Baby Watcher. 







The Official Baby Watcher(The O.B.W) A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman Character with a "Real" Purpose and Mission TM Copyright 9/2016


BABY'S  FIRST BEST GIFT:  When the dolls are shared with a small a family member or friend's baby  - it is an extension of the givers “respect and love” for the child (read below).  It is a Gifts from the Heart” that say, one, cares.  It Is  a Meaningful, Caring  Loving Gift. The playable, Plush Dolls  double as a decorative Wall Hangings (for added value). The playable, Plush Dolls  double as a decorative Wall Hangings,



 The playable, Plush Dolls  double as a decorative Wall Hangings, they are available in 4- assorted face and hair color combinations making them multicultural and suitable for babies and small children of all nationalities. 

The best thing about the character is his special PURPOSE and MISSION Read about it. BIG ADDED VALUE BONUS!

See the whole thing at www.thelilbabywatcher.net.  

  CONTACT: Ray Gatica: 281-441-9714, or email Ray@GaticaArt.com, for Prices and Ordering Information.




Doll Package: Click on image to enlarge

The above package contains a doll, a  personalization placard that gets filled in with the baby's name and birth date. This serves to form loving bond with between the character and the baby; AND, a Story Card which introduces the character to family. Dolls are $17.95 retail. Price is subject to change without notice.



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